The Online Presenters Toastmasters Club caters to those who give online presentations professionally, or aspire to do so, whether that means public webcasts and live video or internal company video conferences and screen sharing sessions. We welcome experienced Toastmasters with an interest in learning those skills, as well as future Toastmasters with relevant experience (how to join).

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In this online club, the medium really is the message (or at least a big part of it). Online Toastmasters clubs are a new phenomenon, and other clubs are using the medium to make the Toastmasters experience available to people who can’t attend location-based reasons for reasons related to timing, geography, or a disability. We recognize the value of that approach, but this club will be dedicated to understanding how the online medium is different and how we can communicate effectively with technology in between us and  our audience.

Questions? Write to op-query@toastmost.org

See founding President David Carr’s article on Forbes.com, Improving Skills for Webinars, Online Meetings.

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Workshop Highlights

We also hold periodic educational workshops and here are some highlights:

Setting up a studio for live video with club members Chris and Jim Guld (the Geeks on Tour) (more details, see blog post).

Facebook Live Video, with John Haydon (more details in blog post)

“How to Make the Most of Online Stage Time” with Darren LaCroix, World Champion of Public Speaking

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