Preliminary Thoughts on Dues

Dues for this new club have yet to be established. In order to meet our goal of chartering this club in March, we will have to elect officers and make a decision on dues sometime in February. Meanwhile, as long as we’re officially unofficial, participation is free.

As a baseline, I can tell you members will need to pay $33.75 in dues to Toastmasters International (a slightly lower fee than for members of a club that is part of a traditional district). Club dues are still TBD, as we figure out what the club needs to budget for its own operations. I’ve proposed that charter members be charged a total of $48 to join (assuming we charter in March) and $41.75 to renew in October and every 6 months thereafter. Again, that’s not a final decision, but I think you would be safe to assume the expense will be no more than $100 per year.

Not included in the above is a $20 new member fee for anyone who is not already a Toastmasters member.