Scenes from the Online Presenters Toastmasters Kickoff Meeting

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The cast of characters.

Online Presenters held its kickoff meeting on January 23. While not everything went smoothly, we solved our initial technical problems, got to know each other, and started to work out some of the details about how the club will operate. The next meeting should run a little smoother.

This video excerpt from the kickoff features speeches from Phyllis Harmon, George Marshall and Paul Finkelstein (video recording and stills shared by permission). You can see a few miscues where the video switched from video to audience member, based on a software algorithm. Next time, I should be able to hold the virtual camera steadier (after looking up how to do it).

Phyllis Harmon
George Marshall’s presentation on Pathways
Paul Finkelstein
Carole McCulloch

Author: David F. Carr

Founder of Online Presenters and of the WordPress for Toastmasters project. Past President and member of Club Awesome in Coral Springs, Florida. Also former Area Governor, District Social Media Director. Outside of Toastmasters: writer, editor, and digital marketing consultant. He currently works as a Senior Insights Manager for Similarweb, the digital intelligence platform. Formerly an editor at publications including InformationWeek, Baseline Magazine, Internet World, and WebWeek, and a contributor to VentureBeat and The Enterprisers Project. Master Privacy Policy