How Digital Collaboration Is Changing the World of Work (Keynote for Online Toastmasters Inter-Club Contest)

This is a replay of a keynote speech I delivered online, to an international audience, just after 3:30 am my time Sunday morning.

When I heard that the family of online Toastmasters clubs was organizing its first inter-club speech contest, at first, honestly, I didn’t plan to attend — not because I wasn’t interested, but because the global nature of the event would make it challenging from my timezone. It was scheduled to start at 8:30 am UTC — a typical morning start time for a Toastmasters weekend event for those in Europe or Sunday evening for folks in Australia.

Then they flattered me with the offer of a keynote speaking slot, and I couldn’t resist. In addition to the undeniable ego boost, I knew preparing for this opportunity would be a valuable chance to try out some new material. I have what online Toastmasters would call a “land-based” opportunity coming up that I need to practice for.

In June, I will be keynoting at a Digital Collaboration conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Even though I had a similar engagement a few months ago in Berlin, I didn’t feel I connected with the audience as well as I should have on that outing and want to make sure I am prepared to maximize the impact of my next appearance — and maybe inspire someone in the audience to invite me to more professional speaking opportunities.

As explained in the video, I covered social business and collaboration technologies for InformationWeek, wrote the book Social Collaboration for Dummies and currently consult on the marketing of RingCentral Glip. One of the reasons I started Online Presenters is I see online video meetings becoming an increasingly common element of how we interact with our coworkers, which means we ought to get good at it. RingCentral is supporting the club by allowing us to use RingCentral Meetings (its co-branded and integrated version of Zoom) for our meetings.

Thanks to event organizer Mathilde Fischer and to the whole team of volunteers from around the world for letting me be part of their event.