Webinar: My Year as Region Advisor by Carol Prahinski


Confused about the Toastmasters’ organization structure?  What exactly is a Region Advisor?  How does this person help the district and our members?  This webinar provides an overview of the role, the structure, and key lessons from Carol’s experience.  The audience asked great questions, too.


Our speaker is a nine-year member of Toastmasters and the immediate past Region Advisor for Region 6.  Region 6 includes 20,000 members located in Michigan, Ontario, Quebec, northern Ohio and a tiny bit of New York state.

She is a member of four Toastmasters clubs, including this club, Online Presenters, as well as a full-time business professor at Michigan State.

Author: Carol Prahinski

Online Presenters helped me get comfortable with recovering from snafus in the online environment. As a professional speaker and professor of Supply Chain Management and leadership, online presentations are the present and future. I'm a fan of advanced clubs and a member of several: I particularly love the feedback and learning opportunities. I'm a Past International Director of Toastmasters, 2018-2020, and a world traveler looking forward to the end of Covid limitations. Meanwhile, my colleagues in Online Presenters take me to many international lands.