Replay: What Toastmasters Should Know About Facebook Live

This is the replay of a Facebook Live broadcast with tips for speakers and Toastmasters leaders about how to use the Facebook platform. You may want to fast forward to about 3:40 when the program really begins (or look at how I try to stall for time in those first few minutes while I’m finishing the preparations I couldn’t get done until the broadcast started streaming).

What Toastmasters Need to Know About Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a big opportunity for anyone who speaks or gives presentations professionally. Online Presenters President David F. Carr will share lessons gleaned from the club's recent Facebook Live workshop and his own experiences, plus some ideas about how club and district leaders can use Facebook Live as part of their own marketing, recruiting, and outreach.

Posted by Online Presenters Toastmasters club on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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