Shared Editing Rights for Online Presenters YouTube Channel

The Online Presenters YouTube channel is now set up as owned by a Google “brand account” rather than an individual. This allows multiple members to upload and edit video content using their own password.

Here is how that works:

If you have been named as one of the account managers, you should get an invitation that looks like this:

Invitation to manage the youtube channel

Once you have accepted the invitation, you may see a prompt when you visit YouTube (while logged into your Google account) asking which role you want to play – yourself or the club account.

YouTube asks which role you want to play

You can switch between roles at any time using the menu in the upper right hand corner:

Switching roles

So the process is:

  • Switch to using YouTube in the brand account persona
  • Upload your video (click the arrow pointing up at the top of the screen)
  • Switch back to your own account

This should be a little less clumsy that sharing a password for a single account.