Meeting invitation at Convention

All of us are invited to an Online Club Get-Together, from 11am to noon, Saturday, August 24 on Level 2, Valley 3. Nothing else appears to be scheduled. Not only will this give us a chance to meet with other online club members, we have an opportunity to learn new ideas, excitement (or not), and our opportunities. Roger Fung asked one question: “What are some concerns or suggestions about our online community you would like to share with our leaders?” Hope you can join us.

Author: Carol Prahinski

C Division Advanced Speakers provides the most thorough and honest evaluations of any club that I have experienced. My teaching evaluations soared by implementing their suggestions. When I was ready to hone my leadership skills, the members of C Division Advanced Speakers mentored me.  Thank you!  As a former elected International Director, Region 6, I can assuredly say you will learn to be confident and comfortable in front of all audiences while having fun! Now, while working on Parliamentary Procedure skills, I continue to apply and learn. Master Privacy Policy