Online Presenters’ April 5 Open House

Come to the April 5th Open House. No fooling, April is a great time for guests to make a first-time or repeat visit to Online Presenters. Members can celebrate and showcase the excellence and diversity in our global membership. .

We’ll be revealing what makes Online Presenters so oustanding, including high-caliber evaluations, excellent leaders, and globally-diverse members.

A different kind of meeting?? Yes. Past club presidents will offer special reflections, a single speaker will receive 3 expert evaluations. Table Topics will elicit #MyWhy responses about being part of this premier online-only Toastmaster Club.

Non-members can RSVP – register their desire to guest-visit (and will receive a reminder email with the meeting link.)

SHOW YOUR COLORS. All attendees are invited to download their country/state flag or representation of heritage to use as a background — help celebrate the richness of the global membership in Toastmasters, and cultural diversity within our Online Presenters family.

Members – share this post to help “fill the house” with guests on April 5th. See you there!