Online Presenters’ April 5 Open House

Come to the April 5th Open House. No fooling, April is a great time for guests to make a first-time or repeat visit to Online Presenters. Members can celebrate and showcase the excellence and diversity in our global membership. .

We’ll be revealing what makes Online Presenters so oustanding, including high-caliber evaluations, excellent leaders, and globally-diverse members.

A different kind of meeting?? Yes. Past club presidents will offer special reflections, a single speaker will receive 3 expert evaluations. Table Topics will elicit #MyWhy responses about being part of this premier online-only Toastmaster Club.

Non-members can RSVP – register their desire to guest-visit (and will receive a reminder email with the meeting link.)

SHOW YOUR COLORS. All attendees are invited to download their country/state flag or representation of heritage to use as a background — help celebrate the richness of the global membership in Toastmasters, and cultural diversity within our Online Presenters family.

Members – share this post to help “fill the house” with guests on April 5th. See you there!

Author: Elaine Nieberding

Many decades ago, my first job was at an organizational development and training firm. A wise and warm woman became my unofficial mentor, and put the seed of joining Toastmasters (or a Toastmistress group?) into my psyche.  Even though I'd found soul-expression in performing, singing, teaching, motivational speaking and video-livestreaming to varied audiences over decades, it wasn't until 2018 that I found my way to Toastmasters (online) in Online Presenters. I'm so grateful.    In OP I've grown leadership skills as VPPR and VP-Membership.    My life work has always had a focus on uncovering and developing personal and group potential.  Currently a transformation coach expanding from serving entrepreneurs into more executive and team coaching, my roots are in holistic caring.  A foundation of skill in integrative health approaches and energy medicine (Reiki) surprisingly flipped into bringing those approaches into caregiving as an RN after turning 50. Holistic nursing paved the way for my entry into coaching and wellness teaching as an entrepreneur and livestream broadcaster.  TLC is a theme I weave into speeches, interviews and workshops, where playful engagement is employed for helpful solutions. Today's Laughter Care has been my most frequent audience-interactive program theme for wellness guidance and perceptual shift.  How may I help you?  Reach me at Master Privacy Policy