Guest Speaker from Yoodli (AI speech coach) on Feb. 27

This coming Monday we’ll be joined by Sharan Jhangiani of Yoodli, the company with the artificial intelligence speech coach tech you’ve been hearing so much about, offered to Toastmasters free through Toastmasters International.

Jhangiani, who is head of product at Yoodli, will speak toward the end of our regular Monday meeting — and he will demo some of the software’s capabilities by applying them to clips of speeches from our members.

In my own first tests, I’ve discovered that the software is an incredibly detailed (and rather brutal) Ah Counter, producing a detailed transcript you can match up with the video recording to see where the various transgressions occurred.

Other interesting applications are helping English as a second language speakers communicate with more confidence and assisting women who are used to being talked over by men at claiming a bigger share of the conversation in a meeting.

I think we’ll all be interested to learn the tips, tricks, and best practices for applying this incredible tool.