Replay: Yoodli’s Sharan Jhangiani on the AI Speech Coach

Yoodli Head of Product Sharan Jhangiani was a guest speaker at the February 27 meeting of Online Presenters, showing how the artificial intelligence speech coaching tool can help you improve your word choice and ah-um-free delivery.

Yoodli provides feedback based on a video clip dictated into the system, captured from a Zoom session, or uploaded. Yoodli helps you practice a speech you are preparing or review one you’ve given to help you improve for next time. Toastmasters International is providing free access to the product for all Toastmasters members.

Here’s a follow-up message Sharan asked that we share:

I’m delighted to invite you to the brand new Yoodli Community Forum (link here). Join thousands of other Yoodli users working on their public speaking skills, play fun impromptu speaking drills (all in a judgment free environment), get sneak peeks into our upcoming features, and connect with some of the world’s best speech coaches! 

Hope to see you there! Please let me know if you have questions!

His speech was part of our regular Monday meeting, and the full meeting replay is available here.