Invitational webinar contest winners: Mansur Hasib, Roxanne Hosein, Khalid Amin

The webinar contest has been an Online Presenters tradition since shortly after the club was founded in 2017, but this week we held a contest where all the competitors were invited guest speakers.

Congratulations to the winners:
1st Place Mansur Hasib, “English”
2nd Roxanne Hosein, “The Power to Change”
3rd Khalid Amin, “Light a Candle in the World”

We did have one disqualification because of time.

The contestants and speeches in order of appearance were

  • Jessica Breitenfeld, “Fight, flight, or sweat through your shirt”
  • Khalid Amin, “Light a Candle in the World”
  • Melanie Cheong, “Take a ride on Aladdin’s magic carpet”
  • Mansur Hasib, “English”
  • Roxanne Hosein, “The Power to Change”
  • Christopher Pritchard, “Upping your tech game.”

Contest Master: Jim Barber
Chief Judge: David F. Carr

Organize a webinar contest for your club or district

The webinar contest is not an official Toastmasters contest format, but any club or district wishing to hold a similar contest can review the rules posted here.

Questions? Contact David F. Carr, DTM

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