Invitation to Compete in a Webinar Contest, January 15

Our next webinar contest will be held on January 15, and you’re invited.

Since shortly after it was founded in 2017, Online Presenters has conducted an unofficial Toastmasters contest aimed at testing a speaker’s skills at delivering presentations specifically designed to be delivered online — exploiting the advantages and overcoming the limitations of the online medium. Multi-club webinar contests were also held at some of the VTM CON and EVV CON events OP leaders were active in organizing, and in 2023 we also held an “invitational” contest where all the contestants came from outside of the club.

For 2024, we’re holding an Online Presenters-branded event that is open to both our members and members of other clubs. To limit the “home field advantage” of OP members, all the judges will be drawn from outside of the club. To enter, fill out the RSVP form, checking the option that says you want to compete. If you’re available to help as a judge write to

The contest on January 15 will be limited to six contestants. If more than six entries are received, the judges will pick six speakers to compete live based on a video submitted by the contestant. The contest will be closed to further entries on Friday January 5 or after 10 entries are received, whichever comes first. See contest rules for more detail, including deadlines.

As an example of what we’re looking for, here is Jim Barber’s winning speech from our 2023 club contest (Jim will not be competing this time).

Jim Barber: “Make a Living, Make a Difference”