Jessica Breitenfeld’s winning speech and the full replay of the webinar contest at Online Presenters for Jan. 2024

Online Presenters Toastmasters congratulates Jessica Breitenfeld and the other winners of the webinar contest we hosted on January 15. This is an unofficial contest format we created to test speaker skills at maximizing the advantages and overcoming the limitations of an online presentation.

1st Place: Jessica Breitenfeld

2nd Place: Mansur Hasib

3rd Place: Gregory Bundschoks

You can see Jennifer’s winning speech below. Or scroll down to see the replay of the entire event, as well as another clip that includes the announcement of the winners and feedback from the judges. Because this was not an official Toastmasters contest, we took some liberties like not having anonymous judges and instead asking our “Celebrity Guest Judges” Roger Courville and Sheryl Roush, as well as the other judges, to provide some brief feedback.

Want to hold your own webinar contest? Use or adapt our homegrown rules:

Winning speech: Jessica Breitenfeld

Full contest replay

Announcement of winners and feedback from the judges