Invitation to Compete in a Webinar Contest Series Starting June 10 and July 15

Our next webinar contest will be held on June 10, 2024, and will include members of other clubs as well as Online Presenters members. We’re planning a series of contests leading to a runoff among the winners (see below). Register to compete or to visit as a guest.

Given the limitations of the new Online Speech Contest, Online Presenters is continuing to support its homegrown webinar contest, which dates back to shortly after the club was founded in 2017.

The webinar contests tests a speaker’s skills at delivering presentations specifically designed to be delivered online — exploiting the advantages and overcoming the limitations of the online medium. Multi-club webinar contests were also held at some of the VTM CON and EVV CON events OP leaders were active in organizing, and in 2023 we also held an “invitational” contest where all the contestants came from outside of the club. This is the second contest we’re hosting in an open format, inviting both our members and guests from other clubs to compete.

To limit the “home field advantage” of OP members, all the judges will be drawn from outside of the club. If you’re available to help as a judge write to

Here is Jessica Breitenfeld’s winning speech from the contest we held in January.