Replay: Linda Ugelow, Kirthikka Devi Venkataram, Samuel Irwin, Monday May 13, 2024

Monday May 13, 2024

Linda Ugelow (guest) “How to build an engaged audience on TikTok”

Linda Ugelow is a speaking confidence coach, podcast host, and author of the book, Delight in the Limelight: Overcome Your Fear of Being Seen and Realize Your Dreams.

Formerly stricken with public speaking fear herself, she now helps speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders transform their experience of speaking from dread to delight whether online or on stage, in the media or in the meeting room.

She has cultivated a dedicated TikTok following of 150 thousand people, through engaging and relatable content and is host of the podcast and live show Delight in the Limelight where she continues to inspire and empower individuals on their journey to confident self-expression.

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Samuel Irwin: Project: Writing a Speech with Purpose

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