Webinar: My Year as Region Advisor by Carol Prahinski


Confused about the Toastmasters’ organization structure?  What exactly is a Region Advisor?  How does this person help the district and our members?  This webinar provides an overview of the role, the structure, and key lessons from Carol’s experience.  The audience asked great questions, too.


Our speaker is a nine-year member of Toastmasters and the immediate past Region Advisor for Region 6.  Region 6 includes 20,000 members located in Michigan, Ontario, Quebec, northern Ohio and a tiny bit of New York state.

She is a member of four Toastmasters clubs, including this club, Online Presenters, as well as a full-time business professor at Michigan State.

How to Edit the Theme and Word of the Day

During tonight’s meeting, someone asked how to update the theme and word of the day on our agenda. Here are the instructions.

For every meeting, there is a menu across the top of the agenda with options for printing or viewing the menu, and the first option on the list is Edit Signups. Click Edit Signups to enter the editing mode in which you can assign members to roles.

At the bottom of the list of roles to be assigned, there is a text box for Theme and Word of the Day. It includes basic formatting controls for marketing text bold or italic. Under the Format menu, there is also a Clear Formatting option that can come in handy if you copy and paste text from a website or a document that contains unwanted formatting.

Enter the text you want to appear for the theme and/or word of the day, then click the Save button at the bottom of the form. This content will then appear on the agenda and also on the signup form under the heading Theme and Word of the Day.

Edit Theme / Word of the Day content

Video: Webcam Magic with Arlene Jayme

This was a presentation at Online Presenters Toastmasters, May 29, 2017

Arlene’s notes (originally shared in the chat during the meeting):

Two: 12Watt LED Lamps
Amazon.com $15.00 each
(they have gone up to $40.00 each)
Shop around for less expensive options

One: 42Watt LED 4 foot Shop Light
Costco $30.
Amazon $40.

Logitech Camera C910
In 2011 we paid 60.
Today on Amazon $190.
Similar option is C920: today $62.

Many options for External Cameras

Sparkocam Software

Free Trial (with watermark) does not expire
Purchase Price Starts at:
$40. for single user, $100 for 5 users

Google search for coupons before purchase. (10-15-20% off)


Green/Blue reversible screen 5×7
was $20. at Amazon a year ago,
I see it sells today for $40.

There are less expensive options.
Shop around.
You can use a solid colour piece of fabric, paper or painted wall

Replay: WordPress for Toastmasters workshop

The WordPress for Toastmasters project aims to give clubs a first-class web and social media marketing platform to use when promoting their clubs, along with Toastmasters specific features such as meeting role signup. David F. Carr, the founding President of Online Presenters, is also the prime mover behind the development of the WordPress for Toastmasters software. In this educational workshop, he covers some of the essentials for using the software effectively, and answers questions from the club and guest attendees.

Video Replay: Guest Speaker from Zoom at Online Presenters Toastmasters

One of the most valuable things we learn in Toastmasters is how to recover when things go wrong in a presentation or meeting, and Online Presenters in particular will teach you how to recover from tech problems that crop up from time to time — as happened in our most recent meeting.

After our guest speaker, Joshua Jones from Zoom, had problems signing into our meeting, we wound up having to adjourn and reconvene in a meeting he hosted for us. That reconvened meeting is what I’m sharing below.

I know we lost a few participants along the way, and others couldn’t stay for the Q&A (which stretched beyond our normal end time). So let’s be thankful for the replay! Feel free to share this with others who might be interested. Lots of great info here, particularly on how to avoid having audio problems undermine your video presentation.

George Marshall on Mentoring in Pathways

George Marshall has been one of the pioneers at defining how the new Toastmasters Pathways educational program will be implemented in District 57, the first district to go live with this program. Also a member of Online Presenters, here George gives a Pathways speech on how mentoring factors into the Pathways program and the role it has played in his own career.

Online Presenters Welcomes Guest Speaker from Zoom, Joshua Jones

The April 24 meeting of Online Presenters will be a special workshop meeting featuring Joshua Jones of Zoom Video Communications, maker of one of the most popular online meeting and webinar platforms. Members are encouraged to attend and guests are welcome.

Joshua’s presentation will cover:

  • Webcam best practices – position, lighting, green screen
  • Content best practices – resolution, content size, playing back videos, pause, annotation
  • Audio best practices – headset, voip vs phone

Guests may register using the RSVP form below to get the link to the online meeting. Our online meetings platform, provided courtesy of RingCentral, is RingCentral Meetings, a special edition of Zoom included with RingCentral Office.

Monday April 24 7:30 PM EDT
Timezone conversion – dateandtime.com

Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones

About Joshua Jones

Joshua A. Jones is a 10 year veteran of the online meeting industry and has a passion for the way people communicate over various channels. Employed by Zoom, Joshua manages customer education, training engagements and front-line consulting services for meetings and webinars.

Joshua launched The WebiNerd in 2014 to service friends and clients with their online events and help contribute to better communications. @thewebinerd

37 signed up so far.

Event date is past

Event Types:



Replay: Online Presenters Workshop with Roger Courville

Roger Courville of EventBuilder was our special guest for the first Online Presenters meeting since chartering as an official club. A longtime Toastmaster who has participated in the online conferencing industry since the days of the dial-up modem, Roger gave the evaluations for three different speeches and led a discussion on techniques for effective online presentations.

See also a few related resources:

How to give or evaluate a @Toastmasters speech in a virtual room (webinar, webcast, or virtual class) – blog post from Roger Courville

Learn Professional Online Presentation Skills with Roger Courville – replay of a webinar Online Presenters President David Carr conducted with Roger Courville as part of a Toastmasters District 47 webinar series.

Also John Quick’s notes about webcam software (shared in the chat as part of the meeting):

John Quick – FL, USA – Treasurer : I am using XSplit Broadcaster – it’s Windows only, there’s a free version, and it works with our meeting software

OBS is a free open source streaming software on Mac/Windows with nice green screen – however, I couldn’t get it to work with our meeting software

I have heard about camtwist (Mac) and sparkcam (Arlene) too, but have not used them myself



Carol Prahinski: How To Become an Exceptional Club Coach (video)

Carol Prahinski offered a tutorial on “How To Become an Exceptional Club Coach” as her speech at the most recent Online Presenters meeting. This is an excerpt from a one-hour webinar Carol has volunteered to present to interested districts for FREE. Carol says: We can use their preferred software, or mine (Zoom, up to 50 people). Ask the Club Growth Director to contact me directly at carol@msu.edu to schedule it.)