June 1 Workshop: Roger Courville, “Raise Your Virtual Presentation EQ (Engagement Quotient)”

See the replay, now available.

Raise Your Virtual Presentation EQ (Engagement Quotient)

Roger Courville

The world is noisier than it’s ever been. For speakers and educators, this means getting and keeping attention in virtual presentations and classes is challenging.

The good news: Learning to transform the best of in-person engagement for online presentations isn’t hard, it’s just different.

Join Roger Courville, CSP, author of The Virtual Presenter’s Playbook, for a lively session to learn:

  • 2 huge (but avoidable) mistakes nearly every presenter makes online
  • Science-based design tweaks for complex and data-heavy slides
  • A simple framework for adapting any in-person engagement for virtual classes and presentations
  • 4 tactics you can use immediately to capture and keep attention

About the Speaker

Roger Courville, CSP has been called “The Michael Jordan of Virtual Presentations.” He’s an award-winning speaker and author who brings evidence-based tactics to transforming boring webinars. His work includes working with organizations as diverse as Pfizer, FedEx, Australia Institute of Training and Development, American Management Association, US Bank and, of course, L-TEN. And he loves habaneros.

Video Speech Contest 2020: Congratulations, John Callaghan

John Callaghan, Jim Barber, and Krishn Ramchurn were the winners in the Video Speech Contest held March 23, 2020 at Online Presenters. This official Toastmasters speech contest is a variant of the International Speech Contest for undistricted clubs, including online clubs. The video of John Callaghan’s has been forwarded to Toastmasters International, where judges will choose a worldwide winner.

Full Contest:

Winning speech: “Surviving the Storms of Life,” John Callaghan

Mimi Brown and Roger Courville Visit Online Presenters for its Webinar Contest on April 20

Professional speakers Mimi Brown and Roger Courville will visit Online Presenters as celebrity guest judges for our webinar contest on April 20. This event is not an official Toastmasters contest, and we’re bending the usual rules on anonymity of judges to give our speakers professional feedback on their online presentation skills. To attend as a guest, register here.

Mimi Brown

Mimi Brown works with individuals and organizations to amplify their communication and leadership so they can make an influential impact on the world.

With over 10 years of leadership and communication consulting and training experience, Mimi knows how to rock a platform, connect with a crowd, & have people laughing while learning.

She is the author of three books: AMP Up Your Success: 52 Tips Every Leader Should Know, AMP Up Sales: 71 Tips to Skyrocket Your Revenue and Be A Communication Rockstar: 52 Tips To Gain Connection, Skyrocket Confidence, Reduce Conflict.

Mimi’s personal highlights include being recognized as an  Elite 40 Under 40, media personality on WDIV’s show Live In the D and contestant on NBC’s, Biggest Loser.

Roger Courville

Roger Courville is the first speaker in the world to earn his CSP with a predominantly virtual business model.

Once dubbed “The Michael Jordan of Virtual Presentations,” Roger is a multi-book author, award winning writer, and multi-company entrepreneur.

His work includes working with organizations as diverse as FedEx, Australia Institute of Training and Development, American Management Association, US Bank and, of course, that little company down the street that you’ve never heard about but who does killer virtual presentations. And he loves habaneros.

Roger has been a friend of our club from its inception, when he led a free workshop (replay here) to help us attract our initial set of charter members in 2017.

To learn more about the webinar contest and how it will be conducted, read this blog post.

Webinar Contest April 20, 2020 — How it Works

Following up from our recent Video Speech contest, Online Presenters is preparing for its April 20 webinar contest (register to attend as a guest).

There are a couple of differences between the Webinar Contest and the Video Speech Contest:

  • The Video Speech Contest is an official contest covered by Toastmasters International rules. It’s essentially a version of the International Speech Contest for clubs that operate outside a district structure (as 100% online clubs do because they are not anchored to the geography of any one district).
  • The Webinar Contest (or Mini-Webinar Contest) is our own invention, designed to test skills specific to the online format.

I think of the International Speech Contest (and, by extension, the Video Speech Contest) as a 5-7 minute keynote speech. Winning speeches typically include a mix of humor, storytelling, and inspiration.

The Webinar Contest is a 6-8 minute webinar, which tests the speaker’s ability to use online presentation tools effectively, respond to questions submitted via chat, and close with a strong call to action. Think of it as a miniature webinar designed to sell the audience on a product, cause, or idea. We follow most of the usual Toastmasters contest rules and procedures, but for example have relaxed the traditional anonymity of judges to allow participation from Celebrity Guest Judges Mimi Brown and Roger Courville, who in addition to voting will give some professional feedback to contestants at the end of the event.

The rules, spelled out in a 2018 blog post, include a scoring scheme that starts with the categories from the International Speech Contest but inserts a couple of webinar-specific ones such as audience engagement and call to action.

Webinar Contest Scoring

 Max score
Speech Development15
Audience Engagement15
Speech Value15
Call to Action15
Total Possible Score100

To simulate a common webinar experience, each contestant is challenged to respond (briefly) to questions submitted via chat. Speakers have the option of monitoring the chat themselves or asking for help from the chat monitor, who will read or summarize a couple of questions submitted.

Snapshot of Sunny Fridge’s winning webinar speech from September 2018.

You can check out past webinar contests won by Sunny Fridge and Carol Prahinski for clues about what worked well in the past.

As an unofficial format, the webinar contest is “just for fun” — but perhaps something Toastmasters should consider refining and turning into an official contest format as the online environment becomes increasingly important.

Replay: How to Hold Online Meetings, a Webinar for District 47

Online Presenters members presented this workshop for District 47 (South Florida and the Bahamas), where many clubs are having to learn in a hurry how to conduct meetings online.

This workshop was led by club President Lois Margolin, DTM, a District 47 leader. The program included participation from other Online Presenters members from District 47 and throughout the world, giving a mini-meeting demonstration. David Carr, who led Online Presenters to charter in 2017, shared technical how-to tips.

Louis Magolin leads the webinar

100 people crowded into the Zoom video conference used for the event, while more watched on Facebook Live.

The webinar was simulcast on Facebook Live

Workshop Replay: Gestures for Connection – a New Look with Achim Nowak

Guest speaker Achim Nowak gave this presentation at Online Presenters on Feb. 24, 2020. The full meeting replay (including Table Topics impromptu speaking practices) is at https://youtu.be/zkH_aZHLi4g but the version shared here includes Achim’s presentation and the Q&A discussion with members and guests.

Workshop abstract: As a speaker, leader, communicator, how much do you know about your “gestural vocabulary?” Desire deepening your capacity to connect with an individual, audience, work team, or group in front of you?

There are key things to know and discover about gesturing and your energetic presence — some of which may be new to you as a Toastmaster.

Achim Nowak has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, NPR, the Miami Herald, NBC, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Fast Company and as a TedX presenter. He’s the author of Power Speaking-The Art of the Exceptional Public Speaker, Infectious-How to Connect Deeply and Unleash the Energetic Leader Within, and The Moment-A Practical Guide to Creating a Mindful Life in a Distracted World.

Achim offers his presentation, executive coaching and mentoring services through BrilliantBest.expert.

Explore your Gestural Vocabulary on February 24th: Special Workshop with Achim Nowak

RSVP/register NOW for this free Online Presenters’ event.

How much attention do you bring to your body language and gestures when preparing for a talk, speech or presentation? No doubt you pay some advance attention, preparing for a Toastmaster project presentation. You know the speech evaluator will be taking this in and might give you related feedback of importance.

Our guest presenter for February 24th, Achim Nowak, will help us deep-dive into Gestures for Connection: A New Look,” in an interactive workshop-meeting. What does research tell us about “amount of gesturing” related to effectiveness and connection? Have you explored your own “gestural vocabulary”, rhythms, tempos, intentional versus natural, unconscious, spontaneous gesturing? Let’s get into this, together!

This will be a fun evening, not just for members of Online Presenters, but valuable for Toastmasters from any clubs, brick and mortar or online, corporate and community, and anyone interested in effective connection and presentation.

New and former visitors plus former members are invited to RSVP/register for this free workshop.

Achim Nowak has been featured the New York Times, Forbes, NPR, the Miami Herald, NBC, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Fast Company.

He’s the author of Power Speaking-The Art of the Exceptional Public Speaker, Infectious-How to Connect Deeply and Unleash the Energetic Leader Within, and The Moment-A Practical Guide to Creating a Mindful Life in a Distracted World.

Achim offers his presentation, executive coaching, mentoring services and retreats through BrilliantBest.expert.

Achim will be taking questions during the workshop. What would you like to know, to be an impactful presence with natural and conscious gesturing? In in-person meetings… in online or video presentation?

If you like, review this blog and 3-minute video in advance to prime your pump for this online workshop.

Online Presenters members are encouraged to invite guests. Share this link.

Special Educational Program with guest speaker Jesse Scinto, MS, DTM

On November 4, 2019, Online Presenters will host a special educational program featuring guest speaker Jesse Scinto, MS, DTM Founder & CEO at Public Sphere LLC and lecturer in Columbia University’s graduate Strategic Communication program. He is the author of the recent Toastmasters Magazine article, The Camera Never Lies, on understanding how you come across on video.

Guests are welcome: register here!

Guest Speaker’s Biography:

Jesse Scinto, DTM, is a Fulbright U.S. Scholar and lecturer in Columbia University’s graduate Strategic Communication program, where he teaches public speaking and persuasion. He also provides speaker training and presentation consulting through his firm, PUBLIC SPHERE. Jesse has appeared on Bloomberg TV, and his work has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes and the Stanford Social Innovation Review. He is a member of Greenspeakers Club in New York City.

Jesse’s Toastmaster Articles

The Feeling Is Virtual

Mastering Body Language

What Is Plagiarism and How Can You Avoid It?

What to Do When Your Audience Takes Offense

Speaking Up in Tough Situations

Email: jesse@publicsphere.llc

Twitter: @jessescinto