Video Speech Contest 2020: Congratulations, John Callaghan

John Callaghan, Jim Barber, and Krishn Ramchurn were the winners in the Video Speech Contest held March 23, 2020 at Online Presenters. This official Toastmasters speech contest is a variant of the International Speech Contest for undistricted clubs, including online clubs. The video of John Callaghan’s has been forwarded to Toastmasters International, where judges will choose a worldwide winner.

Full Contest:

Winning speech: “Surviving the Storms of Life,” John Callaghan

Sunny Fridge Wins Our Mini-Webinar Contest

Congratulations to our mini-webinar contest winner, Sunny Fridge, as well as Lois Margolin, 2nd place, Jim Barber, 3rd place, and all participants.

Here is the winning webinar speech, including feedback for the contestants from guest judge Jim Key, the 2003 World Champion of Public Speaking.

“Beat Fear at its Own Game”

Here’s the full event replay:

The mini-webinar contest is an unofficial Toastmasters contest format, created to test online-specific presentation skills. You can read more about here.

Congratulations, Mini-Webinar Contest Winners Carol Prahinski, Norman Dowe & Viviana Widjaja

Webinar contest winners
Webinar contest winners

The results are in, and the victors in the 2nd Mini-Webinar contest at Online Presenters are:

#1 Carol Prahinski
#2 Norman Dowe
#3 Viviana Widjaja

In the same sense that an International Speech Contest speech is a kind of mini-keynote, these contest speeches are a compact version of an educational or sales webinar, including engagement with the audience in the form of answering questions submitted by text chat. Each speaker had 6-8 minutes for the total presentation, including Q&A.

See also How to Hold a Mini-Webinar Contest. This is an unofficial Toastmasters contest format aimed at testing specific skills that are relevant to online presentations.

Here is the winning presentation, “Negotiation Tactics” by Carol Prahinski (who also won our first event of this type in April)

To see it in context, check out the full replay



Carol Prahinski Wins Our First Mini-Webinar Contest

Congratulations to Carol Prahinski, winner of the first Mini-Webinar Contest at Online Presenters Toastmasters.

The top ranked webinar speakers were:

#1 Carol Prahinski
#2 Jim Barber
#3 Norman Dowe

This was a tough challenge, trying to pack a miniaturized webinar including Q&A into 6-8 minutes, but we tried to make it a great learning experience. While this is not an official Toastmasters contest format, other online clubs might want to give it a try (see details about the rules and scoring formula we used).

For a replay of the full event, including feedback from celebrity guest judges Roger Courville, Sheryl Roush, and Nick Cavalancia, see the video below: Master Privacy Policy