Online Presenters Charter Membership Drive

Online Presenters in the middle of its a membership drive to recruit the 20+ Toastmasters members we will need to charter as an official club (target date: March 1). Application and online payment links at

We are already close to that goal, with about 15 people already signed up and several others promising to get their dues and paperwork in over the next few days. I drummed up some additional interest in the past day by looking through my network of LinkedIn contacts (including people I’m connected to for reasons outside of Toastmasters) for everyone who mentioned Toastmasters on their profile. Help spread the word — we’re going to make this great!

The Online Presenters Toastmasters Club caters to those who give online presentations professionally, or aspire to do so, whether that means public webcasts and live video or internal company video conferences and screen sharing sessions. We welcome experienced Toastmasters with an interest in learning those skills, as well as future Toastmasters with relevant professional experience. Club founder David F. Carr wrote about the need in an article for Forbes, Improving Skills for Webinars, Online Meetings.

Those who sign up by Feb. 27 will have an opportunity to get a speech evaluation from Roger Courville, an authority on online presentation skills (See: Online Presenters Toastmasters March 6 Workshop with Roger Courville for Charter Members).

We are currently recruiting experienced Toastmasters. Once we are official, we hope to also recruit people who have relevant skills and experience even if they are not yet Toastmasters.


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