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  • Online Presenters PRESS 6/30/21

    Online Presenters PRESS 6/30/21

    JUNE-JULY 2021 ISSUE: Bridge to New Club Year OP’s Fantastic Club Year What’s OP have to feel great and celebrate about our 2020-21 club year? Plenty! If a 5-minute journey isn’t sufficient to savor everything here, come on back to this “bridge issue” of the Online Presenters Press. Revisit fun and accomplishments, links and resources [Read More]

  • Online Presenters PRESS 3/28/21

    Online Presenters PRESS 3/28/21

    MARCH-APRIL 2021 Issue OP: LEADING ONLINE since 2017 Promo, promo – Here’s OP Promotion! What’s different in Online Presenters since 2017? Everything has upleveled – the way we look, act, engage, and outreach! You’ve likely seen Marianne Grady’s “007 style” club promo video of December 2020, but there was a snappy one made April, 2017 [Read More]

  • Online Presenters PRESS 01/27/21

    Online Presenters PRESS 01/27/21

    January, 2021 Issue Welcome (going bi-monthly) What will now be the bi-monthly club newsletter is finally before you. Covid 19 woes and global political dramas have had so many reeling. Thank goodness we’ve had our Toastmaster clubs like Online Presenters to gather in for learning, levity, and growing in leadership. Anytime you need a lift… [Read More]

  • Online Presenters PRESS 11/16/20

    Online Presenters PRESS 11/16/20

    NOVEMBER 2020 Issue (Featuring VTM CON 2020 News) THANKFUL, for the health of it The SPICE of OP SAVOR and CELEBRATE our club connections in this 2nd issue of “the PRESS”. Guests and members are treated to magic moments each and every Online Presenters weekly meeting, occasional contest, and speechathon. BACKGROUNDS displayed by members are [Read More]

  • Online Presenters PRESS

    Online Presenters PRESS

    OCTOBER 2020 Premiere Issue PREMIERING The PRESS Welcome Online Presenters members and friends! Here’s a 1st-run newsletter format to connect us more deeply as members, and share club news. In days ahead we’ll be tweaking things for a good user-experience on desktop, tablet and mobile devices – and maybe even have a full “email version”. [Read More]