Category: Online Meeting Tips

  • Zoom Tip: Keep the Timer Visible to Everyone

    Here is a tip for making sure all speakers will be able to see the Timer in a meeting or contest conducted on Zoom. This is an action that must be taken by the meeting Host (not a Co-host) that benefits all participants. In Zoom Toastmasters meetings, the person playing the role of Timer typically [Read More]

  • Workshop Replay: Roger Courville on Boosting Engagement in an Online Presentation

    Workshop Replay: Roger Courville on Boosting Engagement in an Online Presentation

    Roger Courville, an expert on online presentations of all sorts, with an emphasis on online training and webinars, was our guest speaker for June 1, 2020. Roger has been a friend of the club since its inception, having given an earlier workshop presentation on this topic when we were recruiting our charter members in 2017. [Read More]

  • How to Start Your Slides More Smoothly In Zoom

    Uh … I have a few slides to show you … just a second, where is that share button … okay, here we go. Just a sec, oh right, show from beginning. Here we go …. Have you attended an online meeting where the presenter said at least some of that out loud? Or have [Read More]

  • The Power of Google Slides

    The Power of Google Slides

    We have been used to using PowerPoint when giving presentations. I find that Google Slides is very convenient and easy to use for slides presentation. When I conducted the survey among Online Presenters members, I received a feedback that the biggest time waster when creating slides are: Finding the right theme Finding the right images [Read More]

  • Replay: What Toastmasters Should Know About Facebook Live

    This is the replay of a Facebook Live broadcast with tips for speakers and Toastmasters leaders about how to use the Facebook platform. You may want to fast forward to about 3:40 when the program really begins (or look at how I try to stall for time in those first few minutes while I’m finishing [Read More]

  • Ah Counter Experiment and Report Summary from February 6, 2017

    Technology Setup I experimented with a visual setup for the first time as the ah counter in our online meeting. Here is a summary of what I did on the technology side: Set up a green screen background in my physical space Used streaming software (free version of XSplit in this case) to alter the [Read More]

  • How to Keep the Video Fixed on the Speaker

    Our online meetings platform is RingCentral Meetings, which is based on the Zoom video platform (thank you to RingCentral for sponsoring our account). By default, the software decides which video to feature on screen based on where it detects sound. This works well during a conversation or an interview, but when someone is giving a [Read More]