Shared Editing Rights for Online Presenters YouTube Channel

The Online Presenters YouTube channel is now set up as owned by a Google “brand account” rather than an individual. This allows multiple members to upload and edit video content using their own password.

Here is how that works:

If you have been named as one of the account managers, you should get an invitation that looks like this:

Invitation to manage the youtube channel

Once you have accepted the invitation, you may see a prompt when you visit YouTube (while logged into your Google account) asking which role you want to play – yourself or the club account.

YouTube asks which role you want to play

You can switch between roles at any time using the menu in the upper right hand corner:

Switching roles

So the process is:

  • Switch to using YouTube in the brand account persona
  • Upload your video (click the arrow pointing up at the top of the screen)
  • Switch back to your own account

This should be a little less clumsy that sharing a password for a single account.

How to Edit the Theme and Word of the Day

During tonight’s meeting, someone asked how to update the theme and word of the day on our agenda. Here are the instructions.

For every meeting, there is a menu across the top of the agenda with options for printing or viewing the menu, and the first option on the list is Edit Signups. Click Edit Signups to enter the editing mode in which you can assign members to roles.

At the bottom of the list of roles to be assigned, there is a text box for Theme and Word of the Day. It includes basic formatting controls for marketing text bold or italic. Under the Format menu, there is also a Clear Formatting option that can come in handy if you copy and paste text from a website or a document that contains unwanted formatting.

Enter the text you want to appear for the theme and/or word of the day, then click the Save button at the bottom of the form. This content will then appear on the agenda and also on the signup form under the heading Theme and Word of the Day.

Edit Theme / Word of the Day content