Dues Schedule

Showing membership fees for May through September (See fee for starting in June)

Members with previous Toastmasters experience $37.38 USD (currency conversion)

New members $57.38 USD (currency conversion)

Toastmasters International collects dues every six months, in April and October, with fees prorated for those who join during the months in between.

The base dues amount for Online Presenters is $44.25 for six months, which includes $10.50 in club dues, with the remainder paid to Toastmasters International. We take advantage of a provision in the Toastmasters rules that allows us to collect 7 months of dues from members joining in March or September (the month before the 6-month renewal window).

New members without previous Toastmasters experience are charged an additional $20 new member fee. (Before paying, new members should wait to confirm they will be invited to join the club – see policy).

Toastmasters who join in March 2017 are being charged $50 (or $70 for new members). The base dues amounts for future months are shown below.

Local Club Dues* International Dues** Combined If you join in Months
11.75 39.38 51.13 March or September 7
10.50 33.75 44.25 April or October 6
9.25 28.13 37.38 May or November 5
8.00 22.50 30.50 June or December 4
6.75 16.88 23.63 July or January 3
5.50 11.25 16.75 August or February 2

* Club dues are calculated based on a base fee of $3, plus $1.25 per month.

* * Toastmasters International dues are pro-rated on the basis of $5.63 per month.