There are more and more online Toastmasters Clubs these days. Online Presenters is an Advanced Toastmasters Club. Before being invited to apply for membership, you must:

  • Visit twice as a guest. Be sure to use the Zoom CHAT each visit with a self-introduction (our record of your attendance.)
  • Meet either experience requirement:
    • Have completed at least 6 Toastmasters speeches as a current or former member of another club.
    • OR – have substantial public speaking or professional presentation experience outside of Toastmasters — which you will demonstrate in a 3-5 minute speech to the club. Contact our VPM at to schedule your address.
  • Be invited to apply by a vote of the club officers.
  • INSTRUCTIONS for “approval to join”:
    • Send an email to VPM Elaine ( with “Requesting approval to join”.
    • List your 2+ visit dates, highlights from those visits (gave feedback, participated in Table Topics? Stayed “after hours” for conversation?) Give your Toastmaster experience (6+ speeches minimum, levels attained, club affiliation, leadership & relevant experience, etc. )
  • Please be patient with our approval/invitation process. We are being deluged with requests to join and want to serve all existing and new/approved members with care.

Once confirmed you’ve been invited to join, you’ll complete the online application form that requires a password. Full instructions will come from our Vice President of Membership.

Questions? Write to

Dues Schedule

Online Presenters dues are $52 per 6 months, which includes the $45 paid to Toastmasters International, plus $7 for club expenses such as the subscription to our online meetings platform.

When you join in February or March, we include your renewal for the April – September period with the dues collected. When you join in August or September, we include the October renewal payment.

MonthTI DuesClub DuesTotal+ New Member Fee

Initial Dues Payment

If you fill out the online application, you will be prompted to pay dues on the last page. If for some reason, you don’t pay as part of the online application process (or you submit a PDF version of the application instead), you can use the payment buttons below.

Members with Prior Toastmasters Experience

$26.50 USD
Dues: July

Members who Are New to Toastmasters (includes $20 new member fee)

$45.50 USD
Dues: July

Because Online Presenters does not have a bank account of its own, dues are collected by Carr Communications Inc. (the company of club sponsor and Charter year President David F. Carr).