There are more and more online Toastmasters Clubs these days. Online Presenters is an Advanced Toastmasters Club. Before being invited to apply for membership, you must:

  • Visit twice as a guest. Be sure to use the Zoom CHAT each visit with a self-introduction (our record of your attendance.)
  • Meet either experience requirement:
    • Have completed at least 6 Toastmasters speeches as a current or former member of another club.
    • OR – have substantial public speaking or professional presentation experience outside of Toastmasters — which you will demonstrate in a 2-3 minute speech to the club. Contact our VPM at to schedule your address.
  • Be invited to apply by a vote of the club officers.
  • INSTRUCTIONS for “approval to join”:
    • Send an email to our Vice President of Membership ( with “Requesting approval to join” as the subject line.
    • List your 2+ visit dates, highlights from those visits (gave feedback, participated in Table Topics? Stayed “after hours” for conversation?) Give your Toastmaster experience (6+ speeches minimum, levels attained, club affiliation, leadership & relevant experience, etc. )
  • Please be patient with our approval/invitation process. We are being deluged with requests to join and want to serve all existing and new/approved members with care.

Once confirmed you’ve been invited to join, you’ll complete the online application form that requires a password. Full instructions will come from our Vice President of Membership.

Questions? Write to

Dues Schedule

Online Presenters dues are $55 per 6 months, which includes the $45 paid to Toastmasters International, plus $10 for club expenses such as the subscription to our online meetings platform.

When you join in February or March, we include your renewal for the April – September period with the dues collected. When you join in August or September, we include the October renewal payment.

Toastmasters International dues are prorated, but we charge new members a flat $10.

MonthTI DuesClub DuesClub New MemberTotal+ New Member Fee