The procedure for new members is we ask you to first attend two meetings as a guest. On your second visit (or anytime thereafter) you can give a short speech on why you want to join before being voted in.

For prospective members without previous experience in Toastmasters, there is an additional step. Normally, we consider Toastmasters who have given more than six speeches from the basic manual to be eligible for membership in this advanced club. If you ask to join on the basis other speaker training or experience giving webinars, the club officers must vote that you meet the standard of other relevant experience specified in our charter before you will be invited to apply.

Do not pay until after you have been formally voted into the club. We will let you know when it’s time to send in the application and payment.

Pay Dues Online or By Check

Toastmasters pay dues twice per year, in April and October, with the fees for other months prorated according to the day you join. Please pay online or send a check to the address at the bottom of the page. (Members paying their dues renewal, please see

You should see a confirmation message with a transaction ID code as verification that your payment went through.

Showing membership fees for October through March (See fee for starting in November)

Members with previous Toastmasters experience $35.07 USD (currency conversion)

New members $55.66 USD (currency conversion)

Note: If you join in August or September, the fee covers you through the 6-month renewal in March.

You must also complete and sign the membership application. Current Toastmasters please include your Toastmasters ID # (appears above your name on the Toastmasters Magazine mailing label). Do not include a credit card number on the form. Either add a digital signature to the PDF or print, sign, and send a scanned copy: click here to email.

Please choose the version of the application form for the month you want your membership to start:

We currently collect the dues we must pay on your behalf by Toastmasters International, marked up just enough to cover the transaction fees of our online payment processor. Thanks to a donation of our online meeting platform by RingCentral, the club so far has not found it necessary to collect additional club dues. However, members should understand the club may have a need to raise funds in the future on an as-needed basis, for example if the RingCentral agreement should come to an end or if other expenses become an issue.

Because Online Presenters does not have a bank account of its own, charter dues are being collected by Carr Communications Inc. (the company of club sponsor and President David F. Carr).

As an alternative to an online payment, checks may be made payable to:

Carr Communications Inc.
971 NW 124 Ave.
Coral Springs FL 33071

Include “Online Presenters Toastmasters” in the memo field.

Dues Schedule

Dues are calculated based on Toastmasters International dues (“Base Dues”), plus the transaction fees charged for online payments.

MonthTI Base Dues+ Transaction FeesNew Member +$20 +TX fees
January16.8817.69 (0.81 fee)38.29 (1.41 fee)
February4546.65 (1.65 fee)67.25 (2.25 fee)
March39.3840.87 (1.49 fee)61.46 (2.08 fee)
April33.7535.07 (1.32 fee)55.66 (1.91 fee)
May28.1329.28 (1.15 fee)49.88 (1.75 fee)
June22.523.48 (0.98 fee)44.08 (1.58 fee)
July16.8817.69 (0.81 fee)38.29 (1.41 fee)
August4546.65 (1.65 fee)67.25 (2.25 fee)
September39.3840.87 (1.49 fee)61.46 (2.08 fee)
October33.7535.07 (1.32 fee)55.66 (1.91 fee)
November28.1329.28 (1.15 fee)49.88 (1.75 fee)
December22.523.48 (0.98 fee)44.08 (1.58 fee)