Club members, please pay your renewal for next six months.

Click the button below to renew your Online Presenters membership for the next six months. This fee covers the dues we must pass on to Toastmasters International ($45.00) plus enough to cover a Zoom subscription and online transaction fees. You should see a confirmation message with a transaction ID code as verification that your payment went through.

$55.00 USD
Dues Renewal

Club officers: please login to Club Central on and pay your renewal directly.

Members who prefer to pay by check may send a check for $55.00 payable to Carr Communications Inc. c/o David F. Carr, 971 NW 124 Ave. Coral Springs FL 33071. Once the check clears, I will pay the dues on your behalf.

Officers Renewal

As an officer, you can save us a little money in transaction fees by signing into Club Central to pay your $45 dues renewal directly to Toastmasters International. In that special case, you can use the button below to pay the additional club dues.

$10.00 USD
Officers Dues Renewal