Online Presenters will host two editions of its homegrown webinar contest this year, including a June 12 “invitational” contest where the contestants will be invited guest speakers. Prior to that, we will hold a webinar contest for Online Presenters club members on May 8. Click the links to register to visit or participate.

To learn more, you can join us on Monday, when VPE David F. Carr will be giving a speech on the goals of the webinar contest.

While this is not an official Toastmasters contest format (at least not yet), it is an opportunity for speakers to demonstrate their virtual speaking skills in a competition with their peers.

We plan to follow the contest rules from the 2022 event, possibly with some small changes. Short version: it’s a lot like the International Speech Contest, except contestants are awarded extra points for finding a way to engage with their audience despite the barriers of the online medium — and for maximizing the advantages of a virtual presentation.

In 2022, we teamed with Toastmasters from other clubs to put on a multi-club webinar contest as part of the conference that became known as EVV CON after Toastmasters International complained that the name we had used in past years, VTM CON, was an unauthorized use of their brand. For simplicity, this year Online Presenters is inviting members of other clubs to participate in a contest we will host — and to avoid giving some competitors an unfair “homefield advantage,” our members will play supporting roles rather than competing.

Although it’s not mandatory, we encourage other online clubs to hold their own club-level webinar contests to help members prepare for the June 12 invitational contest.

For a better idea of how the contest works in practice, you can watch this recording of last year’s event, including the introduction by 2020 World Champion of Public Speaking Mike Carr.

As a bonus, see this advice for webinar contest competitors from Mike Carr.

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