Mini-Webinar Contest at Online Presenters

Monday April 16, 2018 7:30 PM to 9:06 AM EDT

For more details on the contest rules and format, see the blog post. To attend as a guest, please register here.

THIS MEETING WILL BE RECORDED. Stills and excerpts from the video may be used by the club in its public relations and social media outreach.

The formal meeting starts on the hour. Members and guests are encouraged to sign in anytime after 7:30 pm U.S. Eastern Time for an informal meet and greet and to allow time for any technical troubleshooting. We expect the contest to last until 9:30 pm EDT, allowing time for feedback from guest judges and announcement of the winners.

Contest Master:
David F. Carr, DTM

Chief Judge:
Roger Fung, DTM
Explains the rules we will follow

Jim Guld, PM1
The Timer tracks the time for each portion of the meeting and signals the speakers and functionaries so they know when their time is up. For green/yellow/red visual cues, please use an object as big as your head or a similarly prominent webcam effect. For an audible cue, tapping a pencil or a knife against a glass produces a chime that is not too distracting.

Ballot Counter:
Dagmara Sitek, CC

Chat Monitor:
Chris Guld, PM2
Assists the Toastmaster of the Day by monitoring the backchannel communications through the chat function of the online meetings platform

Webinar Contest Speaker:
Jim Barber, ATMG, CL
Webinar Contest Speaker:
John Quick, DTM
Webinar Contest Speaker:
Carol Prahinski, DTM
Webinar Contest Speaker:
Louis Brown, DTM
Webinar Contest Speaker:
Norman Dowe, VC2
Webinar Contest Speaker:
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