Creating, Editing & Sharing Video Workshop @ Online Presenters

Monday February 4, 2019 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM EST

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Trimming a video in YouTube Studio

This will be a special meeting, revolving around a tutorial workshop on how to create, edit and share videos — regular speech videos, speech contest videos, promotional videos and the video recordings of online meetings.

We will cover some advanced techniques, but also routine video trimming tasks you can accomplish with free tools.

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TONIGHT 7:30 pm EST – Join Online Presenters #Toastmasters for a free workshop on creating, editing and sharing #video – speech videos, contest videos, promo videos, educational videos, Facebook Live and other online meeting videos and more. Click To Tweet

What we’ll cover:

The opportunities

  • Routinely recording speeches for member education — then publishing the best, with the speaker’s permission
  • Extracting featured videos from a longer online meeting recording or a social video such as a Facebook Live
  • Testimonials video for your club
  • Promo video for your workshop, conference, or other event
  • “Best Of” video capturing outstanding moments from club or contest speeches
  • Using the video recording feature built into PowerPoint to create narrated presentations
  • Improving on reality: editing out mistakes and emphasizing the highlights
  • Club, division and district contest videos to help the contestants review and improve their performance. Videos published with the permission of the contestants are a chance to show off our members doing their best work

Simple video editing with free tools

  • Windows 10 Photos / Video Editor, Google Photos, and iMovie (Mac)
  • Windows 10 video editing demo (courtesy of Online Presenters member Chris Guld and Geeks on Tour)
  • How and why to trim and cut video (Windows 10 examples)
  • Adding subtitles and title slides

Advanced Video Editing

A brief overview using Camtasia, a commercial video editor.

  • Layering images and video elements, for example to splice in images of slides used in a presentation
  • Animation / zoom effects to focus on what’s important
  • Speeding up portions of a video
  • Editing audio and video separately
  • Creating GIF animations

Publishing, Promoting and Sharing Video

  • Uploading video to YouTube
    • “Unlisted” versus public videos
  • Publishing video to Facebook – advantages over sharing a YouTube link on Facebook
  • Publishing a short (< 2:30 minutes) video to Twitter

Discussion Breaks

Because multiple members of the club have expertise with different aspects of video production and promotion, we’ll allow time between each segment for others to speak up.

If you have a password, please sign up for meeting roles below. Guests should complete the RSVP registration form at the bottom of the agenda. (If you have a password, it’s not necessary to also fill out the RSVP form – we would rather get you signed up for a specific role).

THIS MEETING WILL BE RECORDED. Stills and excerpts from the video may be used by the club in its public relations and social media outreach.

The formal meeting starts on the hour. Members and guests are encouraged to sign in anytime after 7:30 pm U.S. Eastern Time for an informal meet and greet and to allow time for any technical troubleshooting. We also do self introductions and an

Informal meet and greet / technical troubleshooting time.

Self introductions

This special meeting will be run by workshop leader David Carr, starting with a brief orientation and overview of the club mission. We will dispense with Toastmasters of the Day and some of the other regular meeting roles (but leave time for Table Topics).

Workshop Leader:
David F. Carr, DTM
Introduces supporting roles. Leads the meeting.

Therese Quaranta, DTM
The Timer tracks the time for each portion of the meeting and signals the speakers and functionaries so they know when their time is up. For green/yellow/red visual cues, please use an object as big as your head or a similarly prominent webcam effect. For an audible cue, tapping a pencil or a knife against a glass produces a chime that is not too distracting.

Chat Monitor:
Angela Smucker
Assists the Toastmaster of the Day by monitoring the backchannel communications through the chat function of the online meetings platform

Part 1: Creating Video – recording quality video with a smartphone or other consumer tech; capturing video from online meetings and Facebook Live. Using the narrated video recorder in PowerPoint.

Part 2: How to trim a video, combine multiple clips, or extract a still image. Basic concepts: cutting and pasting frames of video on a “timeline.” Examples using free tools built into Windows 10 (Mac users can do the same with iMovie).

Part 3: Layering audio video, titles, PowerPoint Slides, and other media on the timeline. Adding animation and transitions. Examples from Camtasia, a commercial tool popular for education and software demos

Discussion break: Time for questions and input from others with their own video editing experience.

Part 4: Publishing and sharing video for maximum impact. Publishing on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter — and what each is good for. Using YouTube’s “unlisted” privacy setting to share video not approved for publication. Using the video editor built into YouTube. Changing the thumbnail image displayed on YouTube and Facebook. Facebook sharing on pages, in groups, and on your personal profile.

Discussion and wrap-up: More Q&A, plus input from other members on what has worked for them.

Topics Master:
Tracy Kawa, CC, CL
Leads the Table Topics impromptu speaking section of the meeting. New members who need to give a speech before applying to join can do it during this time.

Toastmaster of the Day asks for reports from the Grammarian, the Watcher, the Ah Counter, the Chat Monitor, and the Timer.

President or presiding officer wraps up the meeting and asks for volunteers to fill open roles at the next meeting. Be sure to finish by 9 pm U.S. Eastern Time.

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