Online Presenters Meeting

Monday July 25, 2022 7:45 PM EDT to 9:00 PM EDT

If you have a password, sign up for meeting roles below. Guests should complete the RSVP registration form at the bottom of the agenda. (If you have a password, it’s not necessary to also fill out the RSVP form – we would rather get you signed up for a specific role).

Members can find the online meetings details here (password protected).

THIS MEETING WILL BE RECORDED. Stills and excerpts from the video may be used by the club in its public relations and social media outreach.

Members and guests are encouraged to sign in anytime after 7:15 pm U.S. Eastern Time for an informal meet and greet and to allow time for any technical troubleshooting. We also do self introductions during this time. The meeting will officially starts at 7:45 pm.

Online Evaluation Forms can be found here:

Theme and Word of the Day

Cyberspace –

  1. the notional environment in which communication over computer networks occurs.

Member Inductions Ceremony

Toastmaster of the Day Angela Heath, VC2
Introduces supporting roles. Leads the meeting.
Tip of the Day Pamela Benjamin, DTM
3-5 minutes for a tip about tech, technique, or leadership.
Timer Louis Brown, DTM

For the purpose of voting, please see Timer’s Notes below on expected duration of the different speeches

Ah Counter Joni-Renee Laidlaw
Grammarian Open
Watcher Andriy Smolenko, CC
Chat Monitor Louis Brown, DTM
Vote Counter Maggie Liu
Speaker 1 Natatia Vanellison, DTM
"It Takes Courage to Join Toastmasters!" Dynamic Leadership Level 1 Mastering Fundamentals: Ice Breaker (evaluation form)

4 – 6 minutes


Natatia (pronounced Natasha) joined Toastmasters in 1996, and after a hiatus, rejoined December 2015. Natatia is pursuing a DTM in Pathways. She is a member of 4 Toastmasters Clubs. Natatia has completed 2 Pathways and will complete her 3rd pathway Presentation Mastery after she presents her reflect on your path speech. Tonight, she will begin her Dynamic Leadership Pathway with an Ice breaker speech. All that she has accomplished inside and outside of Toastmasters has required courage and resilience! 

Speaker 2 Adrienne Williams
"Short To the Point" Motivational Strategies Level 2 Learning Your Style: Understanding Your Communication Style (evaluation form)

5 – 7 minutes


Adrienne has over 20 years of experience as an Executive in the Financial Services industry.  She enjoys traveling to the Carribbean, and meeting people. She has been a member of Online Presenters for several years. 

Speaker 3 Andrew Bern, DTM
"The use of the E-portfolio" Path Not Set Level 1 Mastering Fundamentals (evaluation form)
Backup Speaker 1 Open
As a rule, we should have no more than one speech longer than 5-7 minutes.

Toastmaster asks for the Timer’s Report & vote for the Best Speaker of the Day

Prospective Member Speeches

Topics Master Carl Walsh, VC2
Leads the Table Topics impromptu speaking section of the meeting. Priority toward members not performing any roles.
Each Table Topics Speaker green Green: 1 yellow Yellow: 1:30 red Red: 2

Topics Master asks for the Timer’s Report & vote for the Best Topics Speaker of the Day

General Evaluator Carolina Ramírez, SR5
General Evaluator leads the evaluation portion of the meeting, starting with the prepared speech evaluations.
Evaluator 1 Richard Durling, DTM
Evaluator 2 Jim Barber, PM1
Evaluator 3 Rosena Duncanson, DTM
Each evaluator green Green: 2 yellow Yellow: 2:30 red Red: 3

General Evaluator asks for the Timer’s Report & vote for the Best Evaluator of the Day

General Evaluator continues with the functionary reports (the Grammarian, the Watcher, the Ah Counter, and the Chat Monitor (1 minute each)).

General Evaluator rounds out this portion of the meeting by giving an overall evaluation, 2-3 minutes. General Evaluator should aim ONLY to add any new insights, not re-evaluate speakers or repeat information covered by others.

General Evaluator asks Vote Counter to reveal the winners of the meeting

Timer’s Notes

  • Only Prepared Speeches with duration of more than four (4) minutes 30 seconds or less than seven (7) minutes 30 seconds are eligible for voting.
  • Only Table Topics speeches with duration of more than one (1) minute or less than two (2) minutes 30 seconds are eligible for voting.
  • Only Evaluation Speeches of more than one (1) minute 30 seconds or less than three (3) minutes 30 seconds are eligible for voting.

Timing will begin with the contestant’s first definite verbal or nonverbal communication with the audience. This usually will be the first word uttered by the contestant, but would include any other communication such as sound effects, a staged act by another person, etc.

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