Online Presenters Toastmasters – Saturday September 28, 2019

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THIS MEETING WILL BE RECORDED. Stills and excerpts from the video may be used by the club in its public relations and social media outreach.

Members and guests are encouraged to sign in anytime after 12:15 pm U.S. Eastern Time for an informal meet and greet and to allow time for any technical troubleshooting. We also do self introductions during this time. The meeting will officially starts at 12:45 pm.

12:15 PM  Self introductions / informal meet and greet / technical troubleshooting time

12:40 PM  Presiding Officer gives a brief orientation and overview of the club mission. Introduces the Toastmaster of the Day

12:45 PM  Toastmaster of the Day Carol Prahinski, DTM
Introduces supporting roles. Leads the meeting.
12:50 PM  Timer Open
The Timer tracks the time for each portion of the meeting and signals the speakers and functionaries so they know when their time is up. For green/yellow/red visual cues, please use an object as big as your head or a similarly prominent webcam effect. For an audible cue, tapping a pencil or a knife against a glass produces a chime that is not too distracting.
12:52 PM  Speaker 1 Open
Speaker 2 Nik Lakhani, ACB ALB and Pathways MS5, PM4, VC4, EH4

"A Very Different Leadership Style" Visionary Communication Level 2 Learning Your Style: Understanding Your Leadership Style
 Green: 5  Yellow: 6  Red: 7

Introduction: Nik Lakhani looks at a different aspect of understanding Leadership Styles today.

He intends to begin with the Toastmaster version and then introduce a style and a policy adopted by the New Zealand All Blacks which is an international Rugby Team. They are undoubtedly the best in the world in their sport – bigger than The New York Yankees, Chicago Bulls or the Montreal Canadiens.

What drives them, how do they continue their success year on year?

Some aspects of this style were evident in Nik’s previous role as a Technical Director of a software company and he will explain with examples.

With a speech titled “A Very Different Leadership Style”, please give a warm welcome to Nik Lakhani

Speaker 3 Elaine Nieberding, DL5

"What makes for great new member onboarding?" Dynamic Leadership Level 5 Demonstrating Expertise: Moderate a Panel Discussion
 Green: 20  Yellow: 30  Red: 40

Introduction: Elaine Nieberding, Online Presenters new Vice President of Membership helps us explore today — What makes for great new member onboarding? Elaine is a lifelong student and teacher of healing, transformation and human relationship arts; She’s grounded in caring as a holistic nurse, and serves as a coach for entrepreneurs and leaders. Since 2014 she’s playfully been exploring human connection in virtual space — as an early host of a Google Hangouts’ “Holy Shift Show.” She also pioneered leading livestream events for Laughter Yoga enthusiasts from around the world. Elaine loves helping individuals and groups bring their vital presences alive in online and video forums. Today she’s moderating lively panel discussion, her Dynamic Leadership level 5 elective with the help of 3 distinguised panelists from our advanced club. Please give a warm welcome to moderator Elaine Nieberding and panelists Carol Prahinski, Assyl Boizhanova and Nik Lakhani – “What makes new member onboarding great?”

1:46 PM  Evaluator 1 Tiger Mcandie, ACG, ALB
Evaluator 2 Jim Barber, ATMG, CL
Evaluator 3 Open
Each evaluator  Green: 2  Yellow: 2:30  Red: 3

Presiding officer wraps up the meeting and asks for volunteers to fill open roles at the next meeting. Be sure to finish by 2 pm U.S. Eastern Time.

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