Workshop: Doing Mixed Online/Offline Meetings Right

Saturday July 25, 2020 2:00 PM EDT

Update: See the replay and notes from the program.

Online Presenters is sponsoring a workshop to gather best practice recommendations on how to conduct a meeting that mixes online participation with having other members gathered together in a meeting room. We will be sharing ideas on everything from camera, microphone, and screen placement to the leadership necessary to allow members to participate on a level playing field, whether they are in the room or not.


Table Topics with some members remote

We expect many more clubs who were forced online because their meeting space closed due to COVID-19 will try this format in the coming months, if they aren’t already. Some will do it to accommodate members who hesitate to attend in person because of age or health concerns, while others who will want to preserve the option for members who are not local to attend via video conference.

The reason we want to talk about “doing it right” is that several of us have found from experience that doing it wrong is much easier. We want to share what we know about the pitfalls and the potential upsides. We’ll also talk about alternatives, such as alternating between online and offline meetings.

Preliminary Agenda

  • Panel discussion on the hybrid online/offline format, including parallels to the workplace. Understanding the commitment required to make the hybrid format a good experience for all participants. How to decide whether it makes sense for your club.
  • Presentation on Technology and Logistics. How to set up a meeting room to allow remote participation. Hardware and software you might consider purchasing.
  • Audience participation and Q&A.

Presenters and panel participants include:

  • Graham Cairns
  • Birgit Starmanns
  • Michael Alexander
  • Moira O’Brien

Host: Nik Lakhani, President, Online Presenters

Panel Moderator: David F. Carr

For some preliminary notes on the subject matter, see this blog post.

We’ve upgraded our Zoom room to support up to 500 attendees. The program will also be streamed via Facebook Live from the Online Presenters Facebook page.

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